Fall Colors Scarf

I have been playing a lot with dyeing by hand-painting, steaming, and immersion. I'm not sure which came first: making a scarf in fall colors or working on a new dyeing technique. In any case, I ended up dyeing 5 hanks of wool, each weighing about 100g. I dyed each hank with at least three different dye solutions for a variegated look. Three of the hanks were dyed in some shade of red, one was dyed in some shade of yellow and red, and one was dyed in a combination of two shades of yellow and green. For one of the red-dyed hanks, I used three dye solutions: (i) Lanaset Red G and Orange RN, (ii) Lanaset Red G and Violet B, and (iii) Lanaset Red G and Bordeaux B. 

The colors of the dyed hanks were inspired by photos of New England in autumn on my Instagram feed. After I dyed each hank, I made a section of the scarf. The finished scarf is about 14 inches wide by 67 inches long. It's the biggest scarf I've made so far and gorgeous, if I may say so myself. It would flatter a skin with warm undertones.