Exploring the Blues

I have just finished dyeing five hanks of DK weight merino silk bend. The merino silk blend was composed of 75% superwash merino and 25% silk. For this dyeing project, I chose to explore the color blue.

I dyed different shades of blue using various combinations of Lanaset Blue 2R, Blue 5G, Navy R, and Violet B dyes. Blue 2R, a royal blue shade, was common to all the dyeing recipes. So, of course, my primary goal is not to be a yarn dyer. My primary goal is to have a gut feeling for making different shades using the Lanaset dyes so that I can imagine in my head making an accessory or garment in a particular hue and knowing approximately how to go about making the color. As I explore dyeing, I play with different fibers to see how they take up dye. This way, the look and feel of the fiber after dyeing also becomes a design parameter. For example, I find that I like dyeing merino silk blend with a lower silk content, e.g., 25%, better than dyeing merino silk blend with a higher silk content, e.g., 50%.