Painted Wool Fabric

Over the weekend, I hand-painted swatches made from superwash wool and untreated wool. I used Lanaset dyes, which are acid dyes, as the painting medium. I started out by soaking the wool swatches in citric acid and synthrapol solution. While the swatches were wet (not dripping wet), I painted them with the acid dyes. I prepared solutions of the acid dyes by mixing the dyes with water. The swatches were steamed to set the acid dyes.

Superwash wool painted with Lanaset dyes

The swatches were made using Tunisian crochet. I compared the painted swatches to unpainted swatches. The textures were different. The painted swatches had a felted or boiled wool look and feel, whereas the stitches of the unpainted swatches were quite distinct.

Untreated wool painted with Lanaset dyes

Untreated wool painted with Lanaset dyes

Process, ColorAdenike Adebiyi