Irregular Striped Scarf

I've been working on scarves for "Green 20 collection" since the early decision for Dartmouth's Class of 2020 was announced but not making quite the progress I want. Part of the problem was that I was experimenting a lot. Another problem was that I got bored making the same thing twice or more. Yet another problem was that I got bored with the green color I had chosen for the scarves. Then, it occurred to me while I was taking a vacation that I need not approach the collection as one would a mass produced product. Rather, since I'm making the items by hand, each item could be unique in its own way while generally forming part of a collection - this would also allow me to keep experimenting as it is in my nature to experiment. So, for example, if a theme is striped scarf, I could determine what elements would form the striped scarf and move the elements around along the length of the scarf to make striped scarves that belong to the same family while being unique. Another thing I could do is vary the green color so that it is not one monotonous color and/or vary the other colors that I am using in combination with the green color. Yet another thing I could do is use different types of natural fiber. Once I had this epiphany, I was very much excited about building the collection.

I have just completed one striped scarf that I'm quite happy about. I made the scarf using an alpaca-wool blend. Alpaca is hair rather than wool, so it gives the scarf a sort of furry feel. For a green collection, the scarf is made of green and cream (or natural white) bands. I hand-painted/hand-dyed the green yarn. I used two shades of green within the green yarn. So, I try to create greens that one might find in nature. In addition, the green bands of the scarf were crocheted to have a texture. This texture played very well with the variegated yarn. The cream (or natural white) bands are made of undyed yarn. I call the scarf irregular striped because it features at least three types of stripes, i.e., large bands, medium bands, and narrow bands.

Scarf, ProcessAdenike Adebiyi