After dyeing pale dogwood, I started thinking about dyeing a shade of yellow called Primrose Yellow by Pantone. While I was in this mode, I found myself watching Greenfingers. This movie starts with a man sitting at a desk and writing: "Roses are red. Violets are blue. I'm about to f*ck up. So, what else is new?" He gets up and leaves his bedroom. Next, he's riding a bicycle with a basket in front. He stops at a flower shop, breaks the window, and grabs primroses. There is a drop of blood from being pricked by a thorn. Back on the bicycle, the siren of a cop goes off. He's speeding like mad and weaving between buildings. The cop is chasing him. Halfway through the movie, he meets a woman called Primrose. He falls in love.

How odd that I'm watching Greenfingers at this time, I thought. I tried to pay attention to the yellow of the primroses in the movie, but the yellow seemed far too bright compared to Pantone's Primrose Yellow.

Pantone describes Primrose Yellow as a warm yellow. With this description, I decided to start my dyeing experiment with Lanaset Yellow 2R, which is a yellow with a red base. I prepared 10g of wool and dyed it with Yellow 2R. The result looked far away from Primrose Yellow - it was too warm. Then, I tried Lanaset Yellow 4G. At first, it seemed Yellow 4G would take me down the right path, but it turned out to be too bright or too green. I added a bit of red to Yellow 4G to warm it up, but it still was not taking me to Primrose Yellow. Then, I went back to Yellow 2R. I dyed wool in a pale shade of Yellow 2R. The pale shade was closer to primrose, but it still needed something. I decided to add a smidgen of violet.

I was on a roll. I dyed 200g of wool in primrose. After that, I dyed 100g of wool in some shade of blue. I was going for Island Paradise, but I don't think I have it quite yet. I also dyed 100g of wool in brown.