I recently traveled to Cambridge for a technology event on the Business of Blockchain. Because the Boston Marathon would be on a day before the technology event, I decided to go to Cambridge a day earlier than necessary so I could see the Boston Marathon. It was a spectacular event. I stayed at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Cambridge. On the day of the marathon, I walked down Memorial Drive, then Massachusetts Avenue, then turned into Boylston Street, where the end of the marathon would be.

At Boylston Street, there were policemen everywhere, which made me feel quite safe. In any case, the Boston police seem rather nice. Once I'd entered the protected finish area of the marathon, I went to look for food. It was about 9 am. Mostly bars with restaurants were open at this time; people were already drinking.

After having breakfast, I went to look for a spot at which I could watch the marathon. The sidewalks lining the finish line were already pretty full. I asked if I could squeeze between two women. They made a small space for me. The women had come to watch their husbands, who were participating in the race. The first woman had come from Chicago, and the second woman had come from Scotland. As I talked to them about their husbands and the race, the space they made for me expanded so I could comfortably watch the race.

The runners in wheelchairs came first. There were cheers and excitement. It would take another hour or so before the regular marathon runners arrived.

When the runners on foot were coming in, there was a big show. The policemen (and women), wearing lime green vests, got on their bicycles and formed two lines on the side of the track. They then got off their bicycles, adjusted their pants, and stood at alert. There was palpable anticipation from the spectators. The women emerged first because they started the race before the men. It would take another 30 minutes or so before the first man running on foot emerged.

In watching the men and women running, I noticed quite a difference between the demeanor of the sexes. The women were very serious, focused on reaching the finish line before collapsing. The men, on the other hand, that is, most of them, were complete clowns.

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